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Elvina Darmawan
EXHIBITON REVIEW : The Extreme Animals 
19th-Sep-2010 09:59 pm

Exhibiton Review: The Extreme Animals

I have never attended any exhibition in all my life before but one and that happened on September, 8 2010. The theme was: “Music Is a Question with No Answer” and it was done creatively by two artists: Jacob Ciocci and David Wightman who called themselves as “The Extreme Animals.”Not knowing what exactly the word “exhibition” meant, I was bluntly expecting for some kinds of boring lecture for me to write a page on. Simply said: I was not looking forward to go see it. Yet, silly me! The exhibition that I went to turned out to be far away from what I would considered as “boring.”

This would be the example of their arts

I must say that the exhibition went very interesting. They kept the audience entertained by their randomness. It was quite a performance; I liked how they freely presented their arts without being tied in to what most people expected of how art should look like. They used music, computer animations, celebrity jokes, EVERYTHING in order to present their art and that was great. As some of you have noticed, I am not really into structure myself; that’s why I felt a strong connection as I watched them performing their arts. Their arts were not necessarily 100% perfect, yet the imperfection was the key of this exhibition. Jacob, especially, was so humble about everything and that’s what make people could connect to him. Jacob was being Jacob himself, not Jacob the performer or any sorts of label following his name. Jacob was like the rest of the audience. There was no such thing as “the performer” and “the audience” in this exhibition and that’s what I have always thought as the power of art--- it let us communicate to one another without having to use words; in another word communication is not always between two or more people talking, it can be between an actor on the TV screen and us, the audience, watching him performing. There is a communication going on in art. Art is like a smile, even if you are a foreigner who lives in a foreign country and do not speak their language; you still can understand what a smile means. Kudos for the Extreme Animals! I actually stayed until Jacob finished reading his random poem, I really enjoyed it and so were the audiences! I could tell from how they expected for MORE AND MORE randomness from them and how they were willing to stay even until quite a few people left the show!

I have two questions to ask them:
You two are presenting a somewhat “interesting” art. An art which everyday people will not likely to expect to see as a form of art.
1.) Do you care about what other people think about your art? If so, what then will be your strategy to convince others that what you have presented is indeed a form of art?
2.) Do you think art is just a matter of self-expression or do you use art as a way to communicate with others?
23rd-Sep-2010 03:52 am (UTC) - tes...
an art is an expression of the artist...no mattter what others say...
of course art is sometimes represent the artist mind....so you can say that art is a way to communicate with other
23rd-Sep-2010 04:20 am (UTC) - Re: tes...
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